A retreat all his own, in balanced, stylish comfort.

Some rooms are not accessible by using the elevator.

Coquette Room


These rooms are a sign of cosy coquetry. This is where Eugène affords himself an enchanting, easy break.

A retreat all his own, in balanced, stylish comfort. Coquette rooms are well-suited to his desire for privacy and sit perfectly with Eugène’s Parisian escapades.

After a blissful night’s sleep, Eugène gets the day off to a refreshing start with a shower, then he’s ready to make the most of what the day has to offer.

Panache Room


A pied-à-terre for easy living. Eugène loves the chic, well-thought out design. A harmonious palette of masculine greyish-beige, carbon black or zinc grey colours, with touches of gold here and there, set the tone.

Eugène settles down here for a few nights, and expects the same degree of comfort as at home. The Panache rooms make you want to take it easy. A wall with metal rosettes for a baroque feel are their hallmark. The bright bathroom is at one with the bedroom: beautifully stylish, inviting accommodation.

Panache with balcony Room

Superior with terrace

For utmost pleasure and enjoyment, certain Panache rooms boast the luxury of a private terrace. In the front row, Eugène affords the privilege of relaxing outdoors, surrounded by bamboo, lavender and laurel trees. Take in the incomparable delightful views over the rooftops of Paris and enjoy the pleasure of stretching out on chaises longues in fine weather. The curtains open onto one of Eugène’s favourite scenes.

Some rooms are not accessible by using the elevator.

Snob Room


The desire to strike a pose here is irrepressible. Eugène is daydreaming, his eye straying towards his dressing room: a surprising trompe-l’oeil bookcase.

Unless his gaze wanders, in delight, towards the zinc scrolls that adorn the patchwork murals, or the damask hangings. Eugène’s highly developed taste for lavish comfort is quite at home here.

The brass night table and flattering lighting are made-to-measure details that he appreciates. By the way, the padded pinstripe fabric armchairs match his elegant, flamboyant wardrobe.

Aristo Room

Duplex with hammam

What surprises will the handsome flight of stairs in this duplex reveal?

A nod in the direction of the “high society” dandy, this outstanding room works its magic with gusto, on every level. An enigma of black mosaics in the bathroom with built-in steam room, a ceiling that glitters like a star-studded night and… at the top of the stairs, a bedroom bathed in light, thanks to large bay windows.

A large corner terrace runs the length of this supremely chic perch, which features damask hangings. Eugène shares his famous secret: in order to live happy, live with distinction.