Eugene en Ville

A hotel in the Parisian spirit

Is Eugène going down to Paris, or up to the Capital? He won’t say, he does like to tease…
And yet we can make a good guess, Eugène is definitely in town.

He really comes alive here, and this hotel is his inspiration! His retreat, in the heart of the Faubourg Montmartre, suits him to a T: a whimsical dandy with a striking appearance, and endearingly youthful with it.

For Eugène, even the smallest of details matters, those little extras that enhance his personal, self-indulgent comfort, with requisite, slightly offbeat elegance. Eugène is definitely around, with true hospitality as his guide.

The place

An impromptu pied à terre or a Parisian holiday address for an extended stay, Hôtel Eugène en Ville offers guests superior hospitality with spirited service.

The emphasis is on creating a mixed palette of styles. The raw-finished walls and industrial furniture poke fun at more traditional features and appointments. Dark Victorian patinas, ornate mirrors and candelabras, soft, cosy armchairs and curios – all handpicked from antique shops and markets – create a style that is at once refined and iconoclastic. The chemistry is simply compelling. On the same eccentric register, a giant screen shows snippets of life inside a luxury hotel: an unconventional film that takes a witty look at an establishment that is well and truly frequented in every sense of the word.

The hotel has inherited the sort of elegance that never seeks to look overly sophisticated. It possesses the kind of charm that always feels spontaneous: that truly Parisian effortless chic that  Eugène holds the secret to.



Whether or not Eugène decides to get up early… or at any time of day, for that matter, he is still extremely partial to scrumptious dishes.

One of the privileges of the place is the choice of two tailor-made breakfasts served throughout the day, to keep up with his particular pace that day.

Frivolous_ Express   9€
If you’re in a hurry: a choice of 1 croissant or fresh roll or 1 toasted bread, with semi-salted or soft butter and fruit jam, orange juice and coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

Extravagant_ Buffet   19€

A buffet, as much as you can eat until 11am, then served on a tray

For guests with a healthy appetite: orange or grapefruit juice, cooked or smoked ham, assorted cold meats, smoked salmon, cheeses in season, bowl of cereals, plain or fruit yoghurt, fresh fruit salad, an assortment of bread, toast and Viennese pastries, semi-salted or soft butter, choice of jams, coffee, tea and hot or cold chocolate.


Eugène loves to relax, to get pampered after a long trip. What could be better than a massage made in your room, or on your terrace under the sun ?

Olivier LECOCQ, THE masseur of parisian palaces, is at your disposal and offers you a treatment list specially created for Eugène.

Room Service

At any time of the day, enjoy our boards custom prepared. And if the appetite is said Eugene night, of course, his room-service will be mounted to it by our partner Hotel Chef.